YHA is for everyone. And we want to see as many young people as possible take part in a YHA Summer Camp. That’s why we take accessibility really seriously. Each year we’re making improvements and in this section you can find out about deaf friendly camps, access statements for buildings and the accessibility of our activities.

Deaf Friendly Summer Camps

This year we are trialling our first deaf friendly camp! This will take place from the 27th August – 1st September at YHA Edale. Our volunteers during that week will receive deaf awareness training and we are running recruitment for volunteers with BSL Level 3.

Of, course deaf young people are welcome to apply to any camp and we will work hard to support them during their stay. Deaf awareness training does not currently form part of our standard training for YHA Summer Camp volunteers, but we are hoping that we can expand deaf friendly summer camps in future years.

Access Information for Activities

We strive to be as inclusive as we possibly can. Some activities are more accessible than others and some camps are more suited to participants with additional needs. If you would like specific accessibility information about a YHA Summer Camps site or particular activity, please get in touch with us to chat it through.